Wash Away Hate: One Man's Pressure Washing Crusade

Wash Away Hate: One Man's Pressure Washing Crusade

Man on a Mission

Corey Fleischer - A Montreal man who's on a mission to wash away hateful graffiti signs off the street with no strings attached. All for one simple message: "Their hate will never be stronger than our love."

(Image of Corey Fleischer with his Pressure Washer)

He spotted a swastika spray-painted on a cinder block. Fleischer, who worked at a graffiti removal company as he stopped at a red light, had all the equipment necessary to remove it right then and there, but he kept on driving.

But as he was driving, he couldn't get it off of his mind.


Power Washing Through Hate

That was 8 years ago, now he uses the power of a pressure washer and other tools to “stop the cycle of hate” by deleting graffiti with Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist symbols and messages across public. Free of charge and only for the benefit of the community, along with his own satisfaction.

(Different Hate Graffiti Symbols)

He says that the 15 seconds it takes for him to wipe away those markings are some of the freest moments of his life.

Even though he runs his own Graffiti Removal company, he invests time and effort into clearing out attacks on minorities. He's hit businesses, cemeteries, synagogues, mosques, churches, and even vehicles. As soon as he encounters any sign of hate out on the street, he can't help but stop and take the time to wipe it away forever.

(Different areas with hate graffiti)

One Graffiti at a Time!

This man is making a change in his own way, with simple washing tools, he's trying his best to make a better impact for his community.

It just goes to show that there's more to wiping away dirt with pressurized water You just don't get rid of stubborn grime, you may be getting rid of prejudice, hate and toxicity.

So why not try taking a look at our pressure washers, see if you can make your areas a little bit cleaner, and make the world a better place while you're at it.

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