Why DIY: The Power of Cordless Ratchets

Why DIY: The Power of Cordless Ratchets

Ratchet Wrenches: Are they worth it?

Repeated motions doing handiwork can cause wear and tear on your wrists and hands. This leads to faster exhaustion, injury and worse long-term damage.

Cordless ratchets allow you to work on your vehicles or your home without putting in the effort to operate a manual ratchet. These ratchets use batteries to power the motor that turns the head.

This gives you faster, and a more powerful output than manual hand turning. More than that, most Ratchet wrenches are designed to fit tight spaces, allowing you to do tasks that you would not be able to with standard wrench sockets.


Why a Ratchet Wrench?

Ratcheting socket wrenches are some of the frequently used tools in garages and workshops.

Tightening and loosening a single bolt or nut can take several seconds or more. You’ll spend an hour or more cranking that wrench just to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts in one single major project.

Thankfully, modern mechanics and DIYers don’t have to rely on good old elbow grease anymore.

Here are some of the advantages of using a Ratchet Wrench:


Because of its relatively small size, the power ratchet is easier to operate in tight areas. Also, because it is lightweight it makes it easier to use over a longer period of time. For mechanics who work all day, a cordless ratchet will be far easier to handle over time.


Arguably the most notable benefit of cordless ratchet is its precision. Because the device generates less power, it also means it is easier to control. When precision is needed to tighten or remove bolts, a ratchet has considerable advantages and helps the user move faster through the process.

Less Noise

Compared to many other pneumatic tools, which include impact wrenches, the air ratchet creates far less noise. This means it is less likely to cause harm to eardrums over time but is also effective where noise may be an issue.


How to Choose Your Ratchet

So what is the best cordless ratchet in the market? There are many brands featuring different power out puts and following tips would help you to understand what is the best cordless ratchet wrench.

1 . Choose a tool with best weight to size ratio

Typical weight of a cordless ratchet is above 2 pounds and length above 10 inches. Weight distribution of the tool should have a good balance for comfortable use.

2. Consider Maximum Torque and Maximum RPM

The maximum torque of cordless ratchet wrench is important factor that determines the effectiveness of the tool; the maximum power it can deliver on a bolt head. The maximum RPM of a ratchet determines the efficiency of the cordless tool or how fast it could work. The Higher the RPM, more efficient is the tool.

3. Drive size determines which socket sizes you can use and head size determines the tool reach

You can find cordless ratchets with ¼, 3/8, ½ and ¾ inch drive sizes and the most common being the 3/8 inch. There are tools with interchangeable 3/8" and ¼" anvils for added versatility. Also, you can use step down or step up adapters to use different socket sizes. 

One important feature to consider is a slim tool head design so that you can use tool in tight spaces. Also, you can use socket extensions to gain the reach.

4. LED work light and safety features

Most of the cordless ratchets features LED lights focused on socket head. It provides decent illumination to work in tight spaces those are usually dark.

5. Battery capacity determines runtime of the tool and fast charging determines the turnaround time of the tool

A 12 volt 2 ampere hour lithium ion battery is the most common type used on cordless ratchets. Some tools packages includes charger and batteries, and some tool manufacturers offer only the bare tool. 

However, actual runtime would vary depending on usage, motor efficiency and torque delivered by the tool. Consider buying a extra battery for uninterrupted work.

6. Build quality determines durable use

This is most important for durability of the cordless tool. Most ratchet heads are made out of tool grade steel and tool body is made out with mix of metal and rubber or plastic. 

It is important to check how strong is the tool body construction. A tool with reinforced metal housing and trigger would give durable use.


Why DIY with a Cordless Ratchet Wrench?

Having a cordless ratchet wrench in your toolbox is definitely something that's essential, whether you're a weekend woodworker or a mechanical professional.

The speed, comfort and convenience that they offer just can't be beat by manual wrenches. 

Getting your own ratchet wrench opens up opportunities for a more jobs that you may not have been able to do before.

That's why for Best Car Guru's, a Cordless Ratchet is a must-have in your workshop.

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