Heavy Duty Tow Strap

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Heavy Duty Tow Strap Great for Any Situation!

โ€œExtremely sturdy! The strap comes with its own velcro strap for folding up and neatly storing after use. The quality is excellent; I've only used it once, but I can already tell it will last for years!!โ€ - Steve P.

Why Buy Ourย Heavy Dutyย Tow Strap?

โœ…HEAVY-DUTY: This tow strap has a length of 4 inch x 30 ft,ย workload limit of 13,440 lbs and a maximum break strength of 40,320 lbs.

โœ…DURABLE: The strap has luminous green sleeves on each end that provide enhanced protection and increased strength for maximum performance. Itโ€™s made from Polyester/Silk blend webbing, ensuring the hardest yet softest quality.

โœ…SECURE: Its triple reinforced looped ends ensure that each anchor point is secure and that there is a minimal risk during recovery circumstances. When towing or being towed, you can rest assured that your ATV, UTV, or Jeep is secure.

๐Ÿ“Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with a storage bag?

A: Yes, it comes with a storage bag.

Q: Are these straps manufactured in the United States?

A: No, they are not; it is manufactured in the PRC but designed, tested, and engineered in the United States.

Q: What is the workload limit of this strap?

A: The working load limit, or WLL, is usually three times the break strength, or MBS. So the WLL for this 3" x 20' strap is somewhat more than 10,000lbs.