38 Pcs Auto Wire Brush Set

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The Complete Set For Eliminating Rust and Dust!

"I have used these brushes on so many different applications. Cleaning battery cable ends, spray guns, tubing, heater core pipes, etc. The wire bristles hold up very well and I am so far very impressed. I would definitely recommend purchasing them!" - Rick S.

Why Buy Our 38 Pcs Auto Wire Brush Set?

EASY TO USE: Stick one of the brushes on the included handle to bore out any rust or dirt.  A quick-release rubber handle with an ergonomic design for a comfortable non-slip grip allows brushes to be used by hand and the 6-inch extension bar allows you to reach difficult spots easier.

DURABLE: This comes with solid brass (not coated), stainless steel, and nylon brushes with bristle diameters from 5 to 16 inches to 3 to 4-inches.

MULTIPURPOSE: Easily eliminate rust, corrosion, and dust. Can be used to unclog EGR ports, clean corroded light sockets, and battery terminal clamps, remove bead sealing area of oxidized aluminum rims, clean automotive and small engine parts or a motorcycle engine block, scrub the inside of cooling tubes, clean the caliper bolt holes for a brake job.


  • It has a quick-release 6-inch long extension bar and each brush has a 4-inch length (2-inch brush, 2-inch shank) and a 1/4-inch hex shank to be mounted on any power drill or die grinder.
  • A power drill or die grinder is not included.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the brushes?

A: There are 36x wire brushes ranging from 8mm to 19mm. 12x brass, 12x stainless steel, and 12x nylon.

Q: How long is the extension bar?

A: It's 6 inches.