Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner: What You Need To Know

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Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner: What You Need To Know

What is a Surface Cleaner?

A pressure washer surface cleaner is a must have accessory for anyone who cleans concrete. They can speed up your work and smooth out the final product.

There are many choices when it comes to pressure washer surface cleaners and we get a lot of questions about them. Will a large pressure washer surface cleaner help you clean faster? What size nozzles should you use? What causes vibration and friction and how can you eliminate those issues? Are wheels better than floaters?

Surface cleaners come in various widths and configurations and help with cleaning larger, flat areas like driveways, sidewalks, drive thru and parking areas with speed and consistency.

Most come with side skirts to keep water spray under the unit and prevent damage from flying debris. Models with a return suction line can also remove the waste water that is created as it cleans.

Larger surface cleaners usually come with wheels in various configurations to aid in keeping the unit in a flat cleaning plane over the surface.

What are the benefits of getting a Surface Cleaner?

Getting a good pressure washer surface cleaner attachment can greatly improve your cleaning experience when pressure washing.

Especially when we're talking about cleaning wide, flat areas where a Surface Cleaner can really shine. With the use of a surface you can:

  • Clean Faster:Β This goes without saying but cleaning with a pressure washer is already fast enough. With the use of a Surface Cleaner attachment, the cleaning time for flat surfaces can be reduced up to half!

    • Be More Versatile:Β Easily clean walls, floors, decks, patios and ceilings with a pressure washer surface cleaner attachment as shown in the images! Because it covers a larger surface area than your standard pressure washer gun, it's ideal for those kinds of jobs!
    • Have Less Risk of Damage:Β Pressure washing with the wrong spray nozzle can end up damaging areas that you otherwise would want to keep scratch free, such as hardwood floors, decks and tiles. Surface cleaners are designed not to cause damage to your patio, decks, floors or walls. No need to worry about repair costs!
    • No Splashback:Β Some surface cleaner models come with a skirt to reduce splashbacks, this makes sure you don't spray water everywhere and results in an overall neater end result for you and your driveway!

    Who should be looking to buy Surface Cleaners?

    From the average pressure washer joe, to a veteran with hours on hours of presure washing experience, a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner will find lots of use.

    Ideal for cleaning driveways, floors, walls and just about any flat surface you might want to pressure wash, having a surface cleaner attachment ready will make the job go smoother and faster than it ever could without one!

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