Truck Brake Spring Tool

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The Convenient Way Of Removing Brake Springs!

"Makes it a ton easier to remove and install brake springs. I know there are other ways but this will 100% make it faster and easier. I highly recommend this tool for DIYers! " -Richard L.

Why Buy Our Truck Brake Spring Tool?

✅EASY TO USE: This is used to install and remove all Rockwell truck brake springs, and make brake jobs easier. Compatible with pickup trucks like Silverado Sierra 2500 3500 HD. Makes it a breeze to put springs on and can be operated by only one person with one hand.

✅DURABLE: It's designed to be sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Made of high-quality material, making it not easy to deform. It's also portable for easy transportation and storage. Fit for adding and removing brake springs from trucks.

✅CONVENIENT: This has 3 hinge holes for easy adjustment to fit different spring sizes and has twisted slots to easily grip and connect the springs without slipping. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


  1. Ensure that the spring is kept in the correct position.
  2. Clamp both sides of the spring with this tool.
  3. Easily remove and install the spring.

Q: Can it be adjusted?

A: Yes, it has 3 holes to adjust to for different spring sizes.