3 1/2 Clear Adapter Gate Valve

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Prevent RVs from leaking!ย ๐Ÿ’ง๐Ÿ›‘

3 1/2 Clear Adapter Gate Valve

"I like thatย this now stops leaks. In all the years that I have had RVs, the tank valves always started leaking. This gateย allows a visual checkย to see if any of the tank valves are leaking andย allows connectingย the dump hoseย without a mess."

-ย Ben Connerย 

3 1/2 Clear Adapter Gate Valve

How Does This Prevent Leaks?

โœ… SECURE:ย The Gate Valve serves as a quick-fix for leaky RV sewer valves. It features a "gate" toย prevent waste/dirty waterย from flowing outย from gray and black tanks.ย Theย built-in capย provides aย leak-free, odor-tight connection.

Leak-free and tight cap
  • The Tank Rinser acts as aย flusherย for your RV sewer tank. It is usedย toย flush outย waste/dirty particles stuck in the sewer pipe, as it forces water back up into plumbing lines,ย preventing blockage or clogged pipes.

Tank Rinser

โœ… EASY TO CONNECT:ย The Gate Valveย featuresย (4) bayonet prongsย for easy hookup. It has a universal fit as it fits allย 3-inch sewer fittings.

Easy to connect

โœ… CONVENIENT:ย Theย 3 ยฝ-inch long clear adapterย allows you toย see when the tank is completely empty, or to see what's inside the pipe.


๐Ÿ“Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:ย How do Iย install the Gate Valve to my RV sewer valve?

A:ย Easily twist and hook the gate valve to the end of your RV sewer valve through the 4 bayonet prongs.ย Then, it's done! It's that easy.ย 

๐Ÿ“Œย Note:ย The clear end of the gate valve should be the end attached to the RV sewer valve, and the other end of the gate valve is where you should attach the dump hose/sewer hose.ย ย 

Q:ย How do I use the Gate Valve with Tank Rinser?

A:ย The Tank Rinserย has two valves/elbow at the top: one valve is where you attach the garden hose to, and the other valve is the selector switch.

1. Attach the garden hose onto the valve.

2. Release water from the hose to the valve.

3. Using the selector switch, you can control the direction of the water if you want the water to flow to the RV sewer valve/pipe, orย the other way around.

๐Ÿ“Œย Note:ย It is recommended to use a garden hose and not a drinking water hose to fill up water in the valve, to secure safe use.

Tank Rinser

Q: What's the difference between the Gate Valve and the Tank Rinser?

A:ย The 3 1/2 Inch Gate Valve is made to seal in sewage water, but you will still need to clean it with more use. The 2-in-1 Tank Rinser removes that need, with a backflush function you can easily flush without going through the grime.

Q: When would I need to use the Gate Valve?

A:ย It's ideal to use a gate valve before starting with your RV life, and duringย traveling, to avoid long-term leakage and sewage clogging.