20 Ft. Sewer Hose Support

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Support and Protection for Your Hose!👍

This sewer hose support is very durable and very much needed for anyone who has an RV or travel trailer. It is very easy to use. You simply pull out and place your hose on top and your hose will snap in place. You can also adjust for a longer length or a shorter length and it stays in place fairly well. - Jane Raynolds

Why do you need a Sewer Hose Support?👌

Easy Setup: Ready to use with no assembly needed. This sewer hose support comes with an orange custom storage handle that clasps on the cradles for easier transportation and storage.

Durable and Lightweight: Made of plastic that is designed to be lightweight and weatherproof. It is also constructed with a rust and corrosion-resistant plastic material that is sturdy to withstand the toughest terrains. 

Simple Design: Designed with deep cradles and grooves that will keep your sewer hose in its place without using straps. It also is flexible, allowing you to curve around and avoid obstacles easily. You can clean it easily by simply hosing it down and letting it dry. 

Increased Sewer Hose Drainage: Angled to help in drain sewer hose content. 7.25 inches is the highest point while 4 inches is the lowest. Each cradle slightly decreases its height to create a downward slope towards the septic connection to ensure better drainage. 

❗️Notice: Compatible with all standard 3 inches diameter sewer hoses. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the heights adjustable?

A: Each section is slightly lower than the section before it to create a downward slope. Each section is not independently adjustable. 

Q: How do you store it?

A: By using the orange clasp, it compresses the cradle to 12 1/2 inches for easier transportation and storage.

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