1/4 Inch Pivoting Coupler Attachment

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Blast and Adjust In 5 Different Angles

“When you need to get into some small spaces, having this angled pressure washer tip is very convenient. I use this to clean the engines of semi-trucks before I work on them. The build is pretty solid, and the pin that changes the angle hasn't rusted. We use this every day, and there have been no leaks from the swivel.” - George T.

Why Buy Our Pivoting Coupler Attachment?

DURABLE: Features a pull pin (safety lock) made of durable stainless steel 304 (SUS304). It is more efficient and safe to use due to the safety lock system and it has a maximum of up to 5,000 PSI. It is resistant to corrosion, high pressure, and rusting because of its brass main body, four seals on the swivel core, and stainless steel inlet plug.

ADJUSTABLE: Easy to use between the nozzle tip and wand; adjusts 120 degrees for 5 different cleaning angles; 1/4 in. plug inlet; 1/4 quick socket outlet.

CONVENIENT: It's great for cleaning hard-to-reach places and can reach up to vehicles' undercarriages, car chassis, car rims, swimming pool walls, and water tanks. It's also great for gutter cleaning and can save you a lot of time.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this part fit a standard garden hose?

A: No, the 1/4 quick-release fitting is rather for a power washer wand.

Q: Can Sun Joe washers be connected to this fitting?

A: This does not match SJ twist-lock connection used exclusively on some units.