Best Pressure Washer Accessories

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Best Pressure Washer Accessories

Pressure washer cleaning can either make or break your whole cleaning process. To some, it could make the work faster and more efficient while to others, it could go as far as damaging your home equipment.

The solution to avoid the latter? The right pressure washer accessories.

Using the correct pressure washer accessories can guarantee the over-all efficiency of your pressure washer. Taylor fitting the features of your pressure washer in the way you need it is necessary to get the job done, easily and properly.

1. Foam Jet Nozzle

Foam Jet Nozzles can help you infuse detergent and other liquid soap to your pressure washer cleaning. It normally creates thicker and richer soam foam compared to the traditional application of foam, thus, easily removing stubborn dirt on your cars.

What to look for: Make sure that it can hold an ample amount of soap for your entire cleaning process. You would not want to constantly refill your soap battle while in the middle of cleaning. 33oz. of soap is recommended in cleaning average size vehicle.

2. Pressure Washer Gun

Pressure Washer guns aid the accuracy and efficiency of pressure washers. It will help you redirect the pressure of the water in the places where it should be such as car corners and hard to reach angles.

What to look for: Wide-variety of nozzles can help you have a varied flow of pressurized water. Make sure that the fittings of your pressure washer gun is compatible with your pressure washer.


3. Surface Cleaners

Pressure washer surface cleaner is perhaps one of the most celebrated pressure washer accessories as it gives more varied use to users. Instead of just redirecting the pressure flow, it makes pressure washer compatible with flat surface areas. It also gives it a little extra push because of its brushes.

What to look for: As much as possible, look for surface cleaners with tough brush bristles. This is because pressure washing is normally done for stubborn dirt, and having tough bristles to remove such will make your cleaning process spotless.

4. Telescopic Spray Wand

Roof cleaning can be highly dangerous, but it doesn't mean that you could just skip cleaning your roof. A clean roof will slow down its aging process, thus you won't have to worry about a leaking roof anytime soon. It also makes sure that your roof can give you the utmost protection in any weather.

What to look for: The length of telescopic spray wands will make or break its performance. Make sure that it can reach the place where you really intend to use it. Various spray nozzles can also be helpful.

Make sure that your next pressure washer cleaning would be really effective through these power washer accessories!

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