Patriotism: Breathing Life into One’s Country

Breathe Life into Your Country through Patriotism

What Is Patriotism? 

In the simplest definition, patriotism is love for one’s country. But it’s so much more than that -- it also means devoting one’s self to the country, and supporting the country to develop and excel, even in the simplest of ways. It’s a way of breathing life into one’s country.

Patriotism in the United States is something that’s vastly practiced throughout the country, and each citizen is taking part in the patriotic movement. One of the major and reasonable choices for Americans to show their patriotism is joining the army, which is something that takes a lot of courage, determination, and sacrifice. 

Some Americans also display patriotism in their own ways. According to Statistica Research Department, 63 percent of the American population seems to be extremely proud to be American, and they aren't afraid to show it off: around 64 percent of the population owns an American flag, and around 51 percent own apparel branding patriotic imagery or symbols. And interestingly, patriotism seems to span the new generations as well.

How Do You Display Patriotism? 

As an American citizen, how can you show your patriotism? How can you “breathe life” into your country today? While patriotism may be a word that’s understood across the globe, its definition and the way it can be practiced depends on how a person perceives it. 

There can be many impactful actions to show patriotism in your own way. You can support the army and active-duty military, help a neighbor in need, take part in activities promoting patriotism, or be an honorable law-abiding citizen.

As a consumer in your country, there’s also something you can do to show patriotism. You can opt for buying American-made or local products as a way of helping the U.S. economy.  

A study conducted by YouGov shows that 81 percent of respondents said they would rather purchase something made in the U.S. because they believe it will help support the economy. 

By going for US-made or local products, you are taking a big step in upholding the country’s journey to success. 

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How about you?