12V Portable Diesel Heater

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Keep Your Vehicle Warm During A Cold Winter!

“This is an awesome heater for warming up during the cold months! My husband works out in the elements all winter & this friendly heater keeps him toasty. The quality of the product and the efficiency of the heater is excellent. He loves it and says it’s the best invention!” - Rosie E.

Why Buy Our 12V Portable Diesel Heater?

AUTOMATIC: This diesel heater is an economical and effective tool to solve the heating problem inside your vehicle. It uses advanced automatic control technology with reliable operating conditions (fuel, electricity, temperature) that can be set arbitrarily. It can quickly warm your car on cold winter days and removes frost from your windows.

RELIABLE: It is equipped with a smart LCD and remote control. Once activated, the heater's timer and thermostat can be adjusted automatically or manually via the built-in LCD panel. In addition, you can adjust the temperature of the heater or get it preheated through the remote control, creating a warm interior environment for you in advance.

CONVENIENT: The heater features an intelligent overheat sensor that prevents the heater from running dry and maintains a constant temperature, as well as smooth, automatic room temperature control with temperature presets. It also has a low fuel consumption of 0.11-0.51 (L/H), making it ideal for a long drive.

WIDE APPLICATION: This heater’s combustion chamber, base, and heat-dissipating scale are all sand-blasted aluminum parts for durable and long-lasting use. It also comes with an aluminum alloy noise reducer that greatly reduces the noise operation brought by the diesel engine when it is running for a comfortable ride. Suitable for heating the cabin and other vehicles, such as cars, vans, buses, RVs, trucks, and more.


  • The coolant can be preheated to avoid engine wear and tear at low temperatures.
  • The heater can be easily disassembled and reused on other vehicles.
  • This is strictly for DIESEL ONLY.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What size is the heater duct?

A: It’s 2 and a half inches.

Q: If operating this outside the shelter, will it be damaged by rain?

A: No, the aluminum heater runs smoothly in any harsh environment.

Q: I am going to mount it in the bed of my pickup truck. Can I drive the truck and have the heater running to heat the cab of my truck?

A: Yes, you can, just make sure the heater is secure and the exhaust is blowing away from your fresh intake.