19 Pc. Auto Trim Removal Kit

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How does this Remove Trim on Your Car? 🚗😌

"This kit had everything I needed to do the job (with a number of tools leftover). The tools were perfectly designed, sturdy, easy to handle, and nicely placed in a very convenient case."

- Gary Friedmann

 MULTIPURPOSE: The full set includes 11 interior trim disassemble tools, 2 release tools, 2 stereo removal tools, 3 Car terminal removal tools, 1 Trim Clip Removal Pliers, and a portable storage bag, making it ideal for car audio/radio system installing or removing, door panel, moldings, emblems, window trims or automotive interior repairing and furniture restoration. 

 EASY TO USE: Easy to hold in your hand, letting it fit hard to reach spaces and crevices. Even comes with a portable zipper store pouch to store all of your tools after use.

✅ HIGH QUALITY: Made of toughened nylon fiber, it has the strength to pry up panels and pop open panels. The retaining pins prevent losing tools after auto-detailing jobs. 

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this tool kit universal?

A: This is universal. Certain vehicles use steel prongs. Other panels come off and screws. The tool kit is equipped to handle both jobs depending on your needs.

Q: How much does the kit weigh in total with the carrying case?

A: The total weight of the kid is about 1.5 lbs.