2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane Regulator

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Go for an uninterrupted propane flow!

I love the convenience of still being able to utilize the grill even with an empty bottle of propane because there is a second bottle of propane still connected to the grill. Not that this aspect is a world-changer but it makes my world just a little more pleasant. Definitely recommended! -Cyndie Stevens

Why Buy Our 2-Stage Auto Changeover Propane Regulator?

✅ Auto Changeover Regulator: The dual-regulator is designed to automatically indicate if the primary tank is low on gas and needs to switch to the full reserve tank, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of propane.

✅ Automated workflowThe regulator features a window indicator that switches color to alert users when a tank has been depleted and needs to switch to the reserve tank. 

✅ High quality and durable: The hose set is made of durable brass material and the stainless steel braided design is both cold and heat resistant for a long term use. It also ensures safety from any leakage and damage.

✅ Multi-use: Aside from being an outdoor essential, it is also suitable in various home use such as cooking, generator fuel, and propane-reliant appliances.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the indicator window work?

A: Red means the propane tank is empty and a clear window means the propane is in normal supply. Rotate the level and point it to the side of the available propane tank.

Q: Can the empty tank be removed while the other one is running?

A: Yes.