24-inch Magnetic Pick-Up Sweeper with Quick Release

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Keep Your Workspace Safe! ✔

“I got this one to help me pick up screws and nails on our repair shop. Before, I’d always strain my back when cleaning up but with this, everything is easier and safe.”

- Malcolm R.

Picking up small metal objects using the Magnetic Sweeper



  • With a heavy magnetized power this sweeper can quickly and safely pick up nails, screws, or any small metal objects up to 30 pounds. It can help you or your car tires from stepping on sharp metals. 

Neodymium magnet material of the sweeper

  • It can be used for cleaning garages, workshops, repair shops, hardwares, and many more. It can also be used at home when you’re doing construction work or renovation!Different types of metal you can pick up with the Magnetic Sweeper

  • It has a quick-release feature where you just lift the handle to easily remove all attached particles at once. 
Quick release latch
  • Its clearance space/floor clearance can easily be adjusted from ¾ to 1 ½ inches.
Adjustable floor clearance


  • Its 24-inch length makes it easy to clear an area more quickly and efficiently, with less effort and hassle.

Using the Magnetic Sweeper on grass

  • It has a telescopic handle, where you can adjust the height from 29 to 42 inches. This can help in preventing back-bending which leads to back pain or straining.
Telescopic handle
  • Its 7-inch large wheels with a rubberized grip make it easy to roll smoothly on carpet, grass, concrete, and hardwood floors.
    Rubberized wheels
    • It also has an ergonomic finger-grooved handle, allowing you to have a comfortable grip while reducing any hand fatigue while cleaning.
      Ergonomic handle

      📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

      Q: How do I assemble this?

      A:  Putting this together is simple:

      1. Bolt the wheels and handle on the body of the tool. 
      2. For the wheels, choose a hole near the top if you're going over smooth ground and one near the bottom of you're going over rough ground.
      3. Assemble the handle and adjust into a comfortable position. You'll need two adjustable wrenches, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

      Q: Will it work in rocky areas?

      A:  It works best when the ground is flat like a lawn. But it can also be used in uneven areas. It may take a bit longer to take all the metal particles, but it would still work fine.

      Q: What is the type of magnet used in this?

      A:  The magnet type is Nd2Fe14B.

      Q: How do I clean this? Is water ok?

      A:  Yes, cleaning it with water is okay. It is recommended that you carefully and thoroughly wipe and rinse it when cleaning to remove any build up.



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