24" Pipe Chain Wrench

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Heavy-Duty Wrench For Heavy Jobs!

"Very useful and worked great! It's easy to use and has become my go-to tool in the house. It fits in areas where a normal pipe wrench wouldn't even dare fit." -Justin A.

Why Buy Our 24" Pipe Chain Wrench?

✅EASY TO USE: The jaw tooth shape is uniquely designed for improved gripping. It has a max clamping pipe diameter of 6.7 inches. Has a Double-acting Jaw that allows the chain head to be rotated to facilitate the operation angle and is designed to work in confined areas where ordinary pipe wrenches will not fit.

✅DURABLE: Made of carbon steel forging and it is resistant to rust due to the anti-rust oil on the surface. It has concave-cut teeth for improved gripping and can easily be sharpened if needed.

✅WIDE APPLICATION: This can be used for disassembling large metal pipe operations, and necessary tools for pipe installation, repair, and maintenance.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the clamping diameter? 

A: It's 6.7 inches.

Q: How long is the tool?

A: The tool is 24 inches and the chain length is 22 inches.