3-in-1 Portable Synergic Welding Machine

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The Ultimate All-In-One Welding Solution!

If you are the general DIY person, this welder will probably fit your needs. I purchased this welder to make some repairs on a riding mower. My deck had rusted in a few spots and was in need of patch panels. I was able to make patch panels, prep the area, and weld in the panels. The welder worked great. The patch panels held up all summer long. Seems like this welder, is great and makes very strong repairs. I know very little about welding, but the repairs I have done have held up. I live in 10 acres and have a lot of grass to cut. This is better than buying a new mower. - Jose D.

Why Buy Our 3-in-1 Portable Synergic Welding Machine?

🛠️ Versatile: Seamlessly switch between MIG, TIG, and Stick welding processes! This versatile welding machine offers three welding modes: Flux Core Gasless MIG, Lift TIG, and MMA (Note: Lift TIG torch is not included in the package).

Easily adjust the current and 10-speed variable feed controls for precise flux-cored welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, and thicker metals Perfect for a range of applications including home DIY projects, outdoor repairs, rusty metal restoration, farm and road equipment maintenance, and more.

🔌 Convenient: Powered by standard 110V outlets, enjoy the flexibility to weld anywhere without the need for special power setups.

The MIG welder adjusts the current and wire feeding speed based on the diameter of your chosen welding wire—options include .030”, .035”, or .040" flux core wire. This feature simplifies welding, especially for beginners and DIY enthusiasts tackling household repairs.

💪 Powerful & Portable: With a 130A output, tackle even the toughest welding tasks with confidence and precision. Also, its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for both professional workshops and on-the-go welding projects.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I reverse polarity in tig mode for welding aluminum?
A: We advise you use spool gun mode to welding aluminum. The left tig (DC ) mode is recommended for welding stainless steel.

Q: How to install the welding machine rightly?

Flux Core Mode


  2. Locate the Ground Clamp with Cable and connect the plug on the cable end to the Positive Connector (+) on the Mig welder.


  1. Locate the Ground Clamp with Cable and connect the plug on the cable end to the Negative Connector (–) on the Welder,

  2. Electrode Holder to Positive Connector (+).

Lift TIG Mode

  1. Locate the Ground Clamp with Cable and connect the plug on the cable end to the Positive Connector (+) on the Welder.

  2. Lift tig to Negative Connector (-).

  3. Lift tig is optional (Tig torch is not included in package)

⚙️ Specifications:

  • Rated Input Voltage: AC110V 50Hz/ 60Hz

  • Welding Current: 20-130A

  • Welding Voltage (MIG): 16-20.5V

  • Welding Voltage (MMA): 20.8-25.2V

  • Welding Voltage(TIG): 10.8V-15.2V

  • Rated Duty Cycle: 60%

  • No-load Voltage: 65

  • Applicable Wire: 0.6/0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0mm(.023"/.030”/.035”/0.04")

  • Applicable Electrode: 1.6-3.2mm (1/16"-1/8")

  • Housing Protection: IP21S

  • Machine Dimension: 14.9 * 5.3 * 9.7 in

  • Machine Weight: 11.79 lbs

📦 Package Inclusions: 

  • 1 x  3-in-1 Portable Synergic Welding Machine

  • 1 x MIG Torch

  • 1 x Ground Clamp

  • 1 x Electronic Holder

  • 1 x .030"/2lbs Flux Cored Wire

  • 1 x  0.9/.035" conductive Nozzle

  • 1 x Brush & Hammer

  • 1 x User Manual