3-In-1 Versatile Cleaning Kit

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Clean & Reach High Surfaces With Ease!

“I used this to clean the outside of my gutters and Velux. It was easy to assemble, and the 17 ft pole was long enough to reach over the ground-floor extension to the first-floor gutters. The water feed was excellent for freeing up and washing away the dirt. Very pleased with the result and much safer than climbing a ladder.” - Arnold S.

Why Get Our 3-In-1 Versatile Cleaning Kit?

RELIABLE: This kit is designed for high-quality and diverse cleaning purposes that can easily clear dirt in hard-to-reach areas! It comes with a water-fed brush, squeegee, cobweb duster, soap dispenser, and an adjustable pole of up to 20 FT, ensuring you can complete any cleaning tasks much faster, safer, and more efficiently.

WIDE USAGE: It can tackle various cleaning jobs in high spots, such as air vent covers, solar panels, windows, etc., offering a versatile cleaning solution for your house or business and adding value to your cleaning routine. It is also easy to handle and maneuver without a ladder in different angles and directions.

QUALITY BUILT: Our professional-grade extension poles and cleaning tool attachments are designed with sturdy, lightweight materials and are collapsible for easy storage and transport, making your life easier.


  • Think about the pole weight and get the right length of pole for your house. A longer pole is also heavier, and if you don't need the extra length, it is better to stick with a short one.
  • For a long life, the pole needs to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth after each utilization to prevent small dust and debris from going inside between the segments.
  • It includes a free user guide designed to help you keep the pole in great condition and utilization tips for cleaning at any angle.
  • The fully adjustable water-fed cleaning brush features 2 built-in pencil jets, an 8m flexible hose, and a universal garden male adaptor compatible with most hoses. 
  • The window squeegee scrubber features a LEFT-RIGHT adjusting mechanism for hard-to-reach areas.
  • The cobweb duster has soft-tipped fibers that measure 3 inches long, ensuring that no surface is scratched during use. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where does the water come from? Do you have to buy a huge tank filled with water, or can you just connect it to the outside hose bibbs of the home?

A: The kit comes with a hose and a tap connector, and you can connect it to your outside garden tap. 

Q: Does the liquid in the soap dispenser get diluted with water when dispersed?

A: Yes, the liquid in the dispenser gets diluted with the water when the tap is switched on. To rinse, you need to turn the tap off.