30mm Wood Gouge Angle Grinder

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Shape Your Wood How You Want! 🥣🪓

"Of all the tools available for gouging out wood, this is the safest and best option. I'm very careful using power tools best sometimes one can get away. One such cutter cost me 9 stitches. This tool is safe! Take the time to get used to its operation. Watch some videos and you'll soon produce good results."

Jim Donovan

✅DURABLE: Made of 23 mils of Durable Polyolefin and reinforced with Steel Wire, the hose guarantees permanent, no leak fittings.

✅FLEXIBLE: The 30 mm diameter ball-shaped woodcutter is ideal for carving smooth hollows in wooden spoons, small bowls and is useful for small to medium sculpting.

✅EASY TO USE:  Features a revolutionary, ring-shaped blade that is self-sharpening, rotatable, AND replaceable to provide optimal value. It also has an Anti-Grab Technology, which helps prevent the tool from digging.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I sharpen this?

A: The grinder is a self-sharpening, there is no need to manually sharpen it and it saves you the hassle.

Q: How do I know if this will fit?

A: The grinder fits most standard 4-4.5″ angle grinders with a 5/8" spindle.



Product Dimensions: ‎9.75 x 4.05 x 1.4 inches

Item Weight: ‎8.8 ounces

Compatibility: Fits most standard 4-4.5″ angle grinders with a 5/8" spindle

Package Inclusions:

1 x 30mm Wood Gouge Angle Grinder