4-Claw Dandelion Puller

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Quickly pull out dandelions from the root with a fun, painless tool!

Stuck with using screwdrivers, shovels or whatever tool you have just to dig out dandelions or crabgrass? Sick of crouching down just to pull those darn dandelions from your yard? 

Then it’s about time that you pull those plants without pulling your back, using this 4-Claw Dandelion Puller!

Why do you need a 4-Claw Dandelion Puller?

No one likes wild plants like dandelions growing in their yard. But the back pains, aches and efforts you have to exert just to pull ‘em out is just as dreadful. Worse, sometimes the dandelions aren’t even pulled to the root and they just grow back!

Well, say goodbye to hand pulling, crouching, shoveling or whatever you do for dandelion pulling, because a 4-Claw dandelion puller is the comfortable, fun and environmentally friendly future of garden maintenance!

dandelion puller

Why buy our 4-Claw Dandelion Puller?

Stand up Design: No need to crouch down and suffer back pains! Just dig the claws into the soil and lean with the foot plate to pull out those dandelions, crabgrass or bermuda grass!

4-Claws: The four stainless steel claws grip and hug the plant tightly to the root! Effective for pulling out stubborn tap root systems, making sure they don’t grow back!

Easy Disposal: A unique ejection system makes disposal fun and quick! Just slide down the release handle to loosen the claws and dump the plants into a container. Even the kids will love it!

Environmentally friendly: No need for herbicides or chemicals! Not even herb burners! Just a little bit of elbow grease and you can take care of wild plants on your own, even saving costs on labor!

dandelion puller tool

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of soil does it work best on?

A: - The 4-claw dandelion puller is compatible with most soil varieties such as  compact clay, loose soil, muddy or stony landscapes with tiny pebbles.

Q: What wild plants can this pull?

A: - This 4-claw dandelion puller is effective on plants most harmful to american yards such as dandelions and canadian thistle. For a more specific list of what you can use this for, refer to the Effectivity Guide 

How To Use:

  1. Open the stainless steel claws using the plastic guide on the handles.

  2. Dig claws into the soil surrounding the plant you want to pull by stepping on the foot plate.

  3. Use the foot plate as leverage and lean the puller to pull the plant out completely.

  4. Slide down the release handle to release the claws

  5. Carry a compost bin / green waste bin to dispose-off the pulled out plant easily and securely

dandelion puller


  • Product Dimensions: 41 x 4 x 11 inches

  • Item Weight: 2 pounds

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 x 4-Claw Dandelion Puller


Don’t let dandelions ruin your yard! This is the quick, easy and painless solution for many gardeners, landscape artists and growers alike! 

A 4-Claw Dandelion Puller so you can pull out plants without pulling your back! Get one NOW!