4-in-1 Car Emergency Tool

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This is the only thing you need in case of emergency...

I know some of us have encountered and met with unfortunate events and situation when going out. 

And most of the time help is far and slow when we need it the most, like when we get locked out the car, our engines break down or it is night and we have a popped tire...
car emergency tool
In cases like these, a handy tool that we can use in case of emergency is really helpful, something like a 4-in-1 Car Emergency Tool.
You have a hammer, a flashlight, an emergency signal light, and a cutter in it.
This is the perfect, almost, survival tool when you are on the road. Or at your house, anywhere really.
emergency tool for car

Why the 4-in-1 CAR EMERGENCY TOOL is the only emergency tool that you will need….


  • MAGNETIC BASE – The lifesaving tool is built with a magnet on its base to magnetically stick on the vehicles metal body.
  • SEATBELT CUTTER – Designed with a safe blade cutter to cut the driver’s or passenger’s belt in case of an emergency.
  • STEEL WINDOW BRAKER – Equipped with pointed steel to break side windows if the vehicle’s doors are not accessible in case of an emergency.
  • FLASHLIGHT – Built with an LED flashlight to enhance visibility at night in case of a vehicle break down or in an emergency.
  • EMERGENCY FLASHER LIGHT – Equipped with a red flashing beacon as an early warning device to incoming vehicles or to draw attention if in need of help in case of emergency.
  • WATER RESISTANT – For additional safety and usage, this tool can be used even when raining. 


  • LIFESAVER TOOL – No one can predict accidents. However, this essential tool can save your life in case of a vehicle on fire, or on an accident and your seat belt cannot be released. Your doors are stuck and power windows are not functioning, this tool can assist you or someone to escape from danger.
  • WARNING AND ATTENTION – This tool can serve as an early warning device in case of emergency breakdown or accident on a dark road at night, the flashing beacon will give a warning to oncoming vehicles to prevent further accident or it can draw attention if you are in need of help.
  • EASY STORAGE – This essential tool is very compact and it’s easy to store inside your vehicle.
car emergency tool

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is it powered with a battery?
Answer: Yes. It is powered with two (2) AA batteries.

Question: Is the flashlight LED or incandescent bulb?
Answer: The flashlight is equipped with a powerful LED.

Question: Can it be used underwater or is it waterproof?
Answer: No. The emergency tool is only water-resistant. It can withstand splashes of water only.

Package Includes:
*1 emergency tool

Who would you call in case of emergency? Of course, it is not batman or your mom. 

When it is a real emergency the only person you have is yourself so you better equip yourself with a lifesaving multi-functional too like the 4-in-1 CAR EMERGENCY TOOL.

The ultimate emergency tool for adults in emergency situations.
emergency tool for car