4V Cordless Electric Scissors

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Theย Best Way to Cut Your Projects!ย โœ‚๏ธ

"I bought this cutting tool to use on fabric. At the present, old towels that I wanted to cut into strips to make a rag rug. I tried brand new fabric scissors that didn't work well at all. Even if you don't have any issues with your hands or wristsย I think you will love this cutting tool. I enjoy doing different crafts and I believe this will be a handy tool to have around."

-ย Tom Kennedy

How Does This Cut Your Crafts?

โœ…SHARP: ย Can cut tougher material with far less hand strain than manual scissors.ย The automatic sharpening system ensures youโ€™ll always have a clean, smooth cut, on cloth, carpet, leather, and more.

โœ…SAFE: Both the trigger and the lock-out switch need to be pressed to make it work, so itโ€™ll only work when youโ€™ve got a firm grasp on things.
โœ…EASY TO USE:ย The powerย level monitor lets you make sure that youโ€™ll have enough charge for the job at hand.ย The battery is internal, so you just connect the included charger when you need to top it up.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it cut through corrugated cardboard?

A: Yes, it cuts through corrugated cardboard.

Q: What is the plug on the charger?

A: Charger is standard US two-prong plug, no extra ground prong.