4x4 RV Bumper End Cap

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Long-lasting caps for your bumper

“Sturdy and secure! These caps fit in my bumper very securely. They are sturdy as well. At first look I wasn't sure but after using them I would recommend them.” - WaltA

Why get our 4x4 RV Bumper End Cap?

✅Safe: When traveling for a long period of time, unsecure cargos in any area of your RV at risk of being lost. The 4x4 RV  Bumper End Cap provides added protection to your sewer hose or any item stored inside your bumper. 

Durable: Despite its compact size, these caps are made from high quality materials such as sturdy PE material for durability and resistance to rust and corrosion. This End Cap offers a secure and snug fit that is ideal for RVs, campers, travel trailers, and various other applications.

✅Easy to install: As easy it is to insert, it’s also hassle-free to remove. The cap features a square hole in the center, facilitating air venting, and simplifying the removal process of the plug.


⚙️ Specifications:

  • Color: ‎‎ Black

  • Item Weight : 3.84 ounces

  • Product Dimensions:‎4 x 4 x 1 inches

  • Material : PE material

  • Package inclusion: 2 x 4x4 RV  Bumper End Cap