5 Ton 2-Way Auto Body Pull Clamp

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The heavy-duty tool for auto body repairs!

5 Ton 2-Way Auto Body Pull Clamp

โ€œIโ€™ve used this for minor repairs/pulling in my car. Great gripping power. It bites hard into pinch welds. Itโ€™s doing a great job so far. Just what I needed.โ€ - Ernesto G.

5 Ton 2-Way Auto Body Pull Clamp

Why Buy Our Auto Body Pull Clamp?

โœ…ย ย HEAVY DUTY:ย 

  • This clamp features a two-way pull operation: straight pulling (with a maximum capacity of 5 tons / 11,000 lbs) and top pulling (with a maximum capacity of 3 tons / 6,600 lbs).
  • It is self-tightening, allowing it to grip tighter as it is pulled, providing more pulling power.ย 
  • It is compact, making it suitable for use in areas of car bodies that are too hard to access and pull.

Heavy duty

โœ…ย  VERSATILE: It can be used with pull-back rams or frame machines for auto body repair or dent pulling. It grabs a minimum 1 to ยฝ inch of metal, making it ideal for hard pulls on heavy metals, frames, flanges, cowls, pinch welds, and many more!


โœ…ย  HIGH QUALITY: Itโ€™s made of premium steel for high strength and durability.

High quality

๐Ÿ“ย ย Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used for dent pulling?ย 

A: Yes, it is also suitable for use for dent pulling or dent removal. But take note that it can only pull a maximum of 5 tons / 11,000 pounds for straight pulling, and a maximum of 3 tons / 6,600 lbs for top pulling.ย 


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