50 Amp RV Surge Protector with Smart Monitoring

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The Protection That Your RV Needs

“It's excellent, it gets the job done, and I appreciate how the dog's face brightens up when everything is in check. When there is a power spike, or when the power is too low, it will automatically turn off.” -  Neil Peters 


✅ SAFE PROTECTION: Keep your RV's electronics safe from problems caused by the outlet you use. You can rest assured that your RV is protected from the most extreme conditions with a class-leading 4800 joules of surge or spike protection.

✅ SMART MONITORING: This hardwired 50 Amp RV Surge Protector is not portable but it has real-time monitoring of voltage, amps, and watts via smartphone.

✅ AUTO SHUT OFF: This has EPO (Emergency Power Off) that keeps track of park power at all times. The equipment will immediately stop electricity to the RV if dangerous conditions are identified.


Q: What is the purpose of the RV Surge protector?

A: It's made to keep your RV's electronics safe from problems caused by the outlet you connect into. A seemingly normal outlet could suddenly generate a massive rush of power, similar to a lightning strike.

Q: Is this portable?

A: It's not portable. It's designed to be hard-wired into your RV.

Q: How long is the delay of this surge protector?

A: After connecting in, there is just a 4-second power delay, compared to 2 minutes for other brands. Also. if there is a sudden fault or failure on the power for your AC unit, a 90-second power-on delay is built in to protect your AC unit.

Q: How do I check I monitor and use this?

A: When everything is working well, the large dog's face will light up, and if there are any issues, it will turn red. You can see an error code and check what the code indicates on the side or on your phone, and you can also monitor it using the app and bluetooth on your smartphone.