60W Deformable Garage LED Light

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"Really bright and solid garage light! Huge improvement overall. Worth the $$$!"
Ted Daryll

How Does This Light Up Your Garage?💡🚘👌

✅ Bright: With 3 ultra-bright adjustable aluminum LED Bulbs, these are way brighter than a standard bulb. It features LED technology with 3*48 PCS top quality diodes that total 6000 lumens, CRI80+ 6000K daylight can give you 85% energy saving for your garage.

✅ Adjustable: Unique wide-angle LED Garage Light design. Each wing is 90 degrees adjustable, which can have a perfect garage lighting distribution curve according to your application, giving you 360-degree lighting coverage.

✅ Long-Lasting: This 60W Deformable Garage LED Light has upgraded aluminum fins for cooling, stable and durable under maximum performance. Gives you over 50,000 hours of constant runtime, barely any maintenance required!


📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used in the outside cold?

A: Yes, this can be exposed to the cold however, using it outside may cause it to not last as long compared to placing it indoors.

Q: How does this turn on/off?

A: This can be switched on/off by connecting it to a standard switch. It cannot be used with a pull string switch.