65FT Extension Cord Reel

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Gives the Power You Need Easily & Efficiently 🔌⚡️👌

“It's very well-made. It easily extends and retracts. I like that the cable stopper ball has screws to modify it rather than merely "sliding" on the cord like so many others. It's so much better than using a manual extension cord I have!” - Liam E.


How Efficient Is This?

✅ DURABLE & ADJUSTABLE: The cord reel is secured by a solid polypropylene case, and the 12 AWG lead-in cable measures 4.5ft/1.37m, while the extension cord is 65ft/20m, delivering power to every part of your workspace. The cord's rated specification is 15A/125V.

✅ SAFE: When a short circuit or open circuit occurs, the thermal cut-out will automatically switch off the power to safeguard the cable, which you can restore by simply pressing the overload breaking button on the side of the extension cord reel.

✅ AUTOMATIC: You can pull out the cord and stop it at any length you want, and it will be automatically locked. To retract it, simply give it a slight tug, and the power cord will be retracted smoothly and at a controllable speed with the help of a clever auto-guide rewind mechanism to avoid kinking and tangling.

✅ CONVENIENT: The swivel bracket allows you to mount it on walls, ceilings, or floors, and the included screws and O-rings will help you complete the installation. It can pivot to 180 degrees, allowing for additional flexibility in operation. The triple tap outlet distributes electricity to all of your appliances.


Q: Is there any light coming from the outlets?

A: There is a red indicator light on the product.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of the circuit breaker?

A: It's rated and capable of 15 amps/125 volts.