82pcs Home & Garage Tool Kit

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The all-in-one tool kit for DIY repairs!

“This kit is better than I expected! I got this because I always do the repairs at home, and it’s very helpful because all the tools I need are all in this kit! My brother also owns a workshop and I always bring this whenever I help around with the repairs. This is a very versatile and a must-have tool kit for DIYers like me!” - Hans R.

Why Buy Our 82pcs Home & Garage Tool Kit?

✅  COMPLETE KIT: This Home and Garage Tool Kit includes 82 pieces of tools and accessories needed for general-purpose DIY repairing, fixing and maintenance at home or in a garage. All the tools are stored in a convenient fold-out case with snap-locks. 

✅ VERSATILE: This tool kit is suitable for beginners and experienced DIYers that need a versatile tool kit! The different tools in this kit can be used for opening up appliances and electronics, turning nuts, bolts and sockets, hammering nails, tightening screws, installing fixtures and fittings, pulling and snipping cables and wires, and many other repair or maintenance needs! 

✅ DURABLE: The tool handles feature a tough PP thermoplastic with a distinctive chunky TPR rubberized grip pattern for non-slip holding.

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the voltage probe for?

A: The voltage probe is used to check if there’s voltage in a conductor, outlet, or supply cord. It has a built-in sensor in its tip that detects the presence of voltage when touching a conductor, outlet, or supply cord.

Q: What is the magnetizing block for?

A: The magnetizing block is used to magnetize a screwdriver or a tool allowing it to hold on to little screws when you're working with it. You just have to let a screwdriver or a tool pass through this magnetizer multiple times, and it then manipulates the magnetic moment of the tool.