9-Plug Wall Outlet Extender With Night Light & Shelf

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Maximize Your Wall Outlet Easily!

I love the features. The shelf is perfect for storing a mobile phone with a charger. It is removable if you do not want to use it. The night light is a good plus. I bought it for the USB ports and the five AC outlets. I bought more of them for my kitchen & bathroom!” - Luisa Ramirez

Why Buy Our 9-Plug Wall Outlet Extender With Night Light & Shelf?

EFFICIENT: Charge 9 devices simultaneously without worries using our outlet extender! It has 5 AC outlet splitters, 3 USB ports, and 1 USB-C port, covering various charging needs. Its smart technology detects charging devices and delivers optimal charging speed automatically. 

SPACE SAVING: It features a built-in night light that automatically turns on when ambient lighting becomes insufficient. It provides a soft, warm light without disturbing others and keeps you safe at night. It also comes with a removable shelf, giving you extra space to hold a wide range of household items and be able to charge easily. Great for your bedroom, bathroom, dining room, and more!

SAFE: This outlet extender has 1,800-joule surge protection that can keep your electronics and mobile devices protected from voltage spikes. Also, it has protection against over-current, over-charging, and overheating for safe and fast charging. Simply plug it into a standard grounded duplex wall receptacle, and it's ready.


  • Certified by FCC, ROHS, and ETL.
  • It has anti-skid screws that help stabilize the wall outlet and prevents the power strip from falling off the wall.
  • The night light functions only work at night or when the lights are dim. You could also press the touch switch to turn on/off the night light function.
  • For your safety, ensure that the current power DO NOT exceed the rated power of 1875W, or it may cause damage to the unit and fire hazards.
  • Its shelf has a built-in cable management channel, which gives you easy access to the outlet.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How secure is it with the screw installed?

A: It is secure. You can plug in and unplug without the plug outlet moving.

Q: Does it make any noise at all with the night light on or off? 

A: There’s no noise. It is totally quiet.

Q: Will this work on a GFCI outlet?

A: Yes, you just need to cut its stabilizing rod to fit into your GFCI outlet.