90-Degree RV Water Hose Elbow

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Protects Your RV Water Hose Fitting From Strain & Stress!

"This elbow is a small accessory for all RVs, but an important one. It solves the pressure on the hose when connecting the RV to city water. It sure makes it simple and clean in the connection center. The quality is also outstanding! I recommend it!” - Michael Bailey

Why Buy Our 90-Degree RV Water Hose Elbow?

✅RELIABLE: Easily eliminate unnecessary stress and strain on all your RV water intake hose fittings and water hoses, extending their life by simply using our hose elbow. It can also prevent leakage and save you money from constantly replacing your water hose. 

✅EASY CONNECTION It is simple to connect to your water hose and inlet or faucet as it has a swiveling, easy-to-grip connection. It can fit 3/4" to 11.5 NH hose connections with no hassle, making it convenient to get the natural water flow you need every time.  

✅WELL BUILT: This hose elbow is made of solid brass for years of trouble-free use, and it is CSA lead-free content certified to NSF/ANSI 372, ensuring you and your family’s safety. Perfect for getting rid of hose crimping, kinking, and straining in one easy step.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the head swivel?

A: Yes, the head does swivel to attach it to the RV.

Q: Does this come with a rubber O ring/gasket?

A: Yes

Q: Does this elbow have standard garden hose threads?

A: Yes