AC Flush Kit

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Save Time and Money For AC Maintenance!

"Awesome! It can easily flush ac lines or transmission. The hose seems of good quality and the threads are well cut." - John R.

Why Buy Our AC Flush Kit!

✅EASY TO USE: Simply fill your AC flush tool canister with a lightweight AC flush solvent then tighten the fittings to the canister, then attach it to your air compressor (not included), and turn on the valve switch and air pump. This has a barometer that clearly indicates the pressure, ensuring that the operating pressure is not too high or too low and that you are working safely.

✅VERSATILE: Made to quickly and efficiently remove old refrigerant oil and debris before replacing or retrofitting your compressor system. It can even be used to clean out a refrigerator line or a line set in your home.

✅DURABLE: Made of thickened stainless steel canister without a leak, making it more durable than those made of aluminum. It has a High pressure and corrosion-resistant construction making it no problem standing up to years of wear and tear. Its reusable features can last a long service life.


  • Designed to work with any lightweight AC system flush solvent (not included)
  • Needs an Air Compressor (not included).
  • Do not exceed 150 PSI.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used to pressurize pesticides?

A: This is used to clean the AC. It is suitable for any lightweight AC flushing agent which can be mixed with pressurized air. It can not be used to pressurize pesticides.

Q: Will this hold air like a tank?

A: Yes, it can hold air like a tank. The bottle is designed to hold flush solvent, then be mixed with pressurized air when you use it.


  • Item Weight‎: 2.26 pounds
  • Package Dimensions‎: 10.76 x 6.26 x 4.02 inches
  • Nozzles: 1 x USA fitting and 1x Japanese fitting
  • Hose length: 2.95ft


  • 1x Empty Canister
  • 1x Hose
  • 2x Nozzles