Adjustable Scuffle Hoe

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Your Trusty Garden Tool!

"The best tool to have for clearing our weeds in your garden. It's amazing and a must-have especially if you tend to work in your garden a lot. Don't hesitate in buying!" -Nick D.

Why Buy Our Adjustable Scuffle Hoe?

✅EASY TO USE: Designed with push-pull motion which is safer and more efficient for weeding, cutting weed roots, or cultivating around live growing plants with ease.

✅STURDY: It's made of Commercial grade and extra thick 1.3" diameter premium steel which is sturdier and made to last for years. No other tools are needed for this to be installed, it can be assembled in just a minute by screwing 3 pieces together.

✅ADJUSTABLE HANDLE: Can be adjusted to 30" to 61" which provides maximum comfort for tall gardeners and protect you from bending over.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to install it?

A: Just connect the 3 pieces and twist the rod to install.

Q: How long is this when adjusted?

A: It can be adjusted from 30" to 61".