Adjustable Third Hand Support System

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Your Helping Hand For Every Project!

This product saved me more time and frustration than I can imagine. I decided to install cabinets for the first time in my home. Without having a regular helper available, I needed something to assist me in holding the items up while I secured them. What’s great about these is that there are three heights you can start at and then use the pneumatic lever to inch up your cabinets with amazing precision. It also works for holding crown moulding in place while you secure fasteners. I also used it to hold my hood vent up in place while installing it. - Ron W.

Why Buy Our Adjustable 3rd Hand Support System?

Struggling with heavy lifting and tricky angles? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to effortless support with this ultimate DIY project helper – the Adjustable 3rd Hand Support System!

🤝 Reliable Support: Secure materials hands-free with our Adjustable 3rd Hand Support System, acting as your third hand. Perfect for cabinet installation and other woodworking projects like drywall, crown molding, window coverings, ceiling panels, light fixtures, and more.

🔧 Adjustable and Adaptive: With an adjustable height from 4ft to 9.5ft and a textured rubber face, this rod securely holds in place for multiple uses. Spring-loaded pins lock the height securely, with a white calibration line aiding in realignment if the rod is rotated. The handle allows for precise adjustments, while a safety lock ensures secure holding after extension. It can also adjust to different angles with a flexible feet swivel mechanism.

💪 Durable Design: These workpiece support tools are GS certified and can support up to 154 lbs (each rod). Made with sturdy metal, it ensures durability, while the handle is crafted from premium aluminum. The non-slip TPR base sensure a strong grip and prevent slipping or scratching.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this rod be inclined at 45 degree to support my dry wall panel installation?
A: Yes it can.

Q: Can i use the pole to push up superior cabinet in order to reach a desired measuring?
Yes you can. The pole is strong enough to raise the weight of cabinets, plus you have the wall to help support to as you raise up with pole.

Upgrade your toolkit today and let the Adjustable 3rd Hand Support System be your helping hand. Experience smoother projects and greater efficiency. Order yours today!