Adjustable Trailer Hitch

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Smooth and Silent Traveling!

"Very sturdy and has the functionality for various hauls. Tried jumping on the hitch once it was attached to the trailer and it held up very well. Will definitely buy this again!" - James H.

Why Buy Our Adjustable Trailer Hitch?

✅VERSATILE: This is a strong, durable, and versatile adjustable trailer hitch that you can easily connect to your vehicle. Built to tow just about anything, with 20,000lbs GVWR, you can easily adjust your trailer hitch to any situation. The unique channel-style shank makes it easy to simply flip it up and take advantage of a 6-inch drop for easy hitching. 

✅DURABLE: Made from premium materials and designed with a black powder coat finish along with corrosion-resistant zinc plating to ensure long-lasting and pristine look. It's built to last and withstand bumps, bruises, and the elements. 

✅ANTI-RATTLE: Comes with 3 silencer pads, for a smooth, vibration-free, and quiet towing experience from start to finish. Perfect for scenic rides and off-roading, along with long-distance hauling where noise can become an issue.  


  • This is only compatible with 2-inch Receivers.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the locking pin?

A: The diameter of the locking pin is 5/9".

Q: Can this be flipped higher over to raise the ball higher?

A: Yes. The channel-style shank can be flipped to provide up to a 6-inch drop or 6" rise.