Aluminum Drywall Lifter

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Straight out-of-the pocket lifter!

This is a great, well made little tool. I mostly use it for drywall, as it’s small enough to fit in my belt pockets. And not very heavy so it’s not a pain to carry. A friend recommended it to me & it’s worth every penny. –Jacob

Why Buy the Aluminum Drywall Lifter? 

✅Drywall Leverage: Provides significant leverage that lifts wallboard, doors, drywall, and tiles into place with ease. Designed to be operated with the foot, leaving hands free for positioning and fastening.

✅Multi-use: Aside from being a foot lifter, the underside can be used as a rasp and pry tool to smooth out the edges of the wallboard.

✅ Lightweight and Durable Material: Made from high-quality aluminum for durability and lightweight handling. Its small size makes it easy to carry around and store.


Q: How high can this lift a single sheet of drywall?

A: This will lift drywall sheets approximately 2" max.