Anti-theft Adjustable Wheel Lock Clamp

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Keep your vehicle secured anytime, anywhere!

Anti-theft Adjustable Wheel Lock Clamp

“This wheel lock is just what I needed! This is a must-have lock for anyone who wants to secure their vehicles to prevent theft. I use it on my utility trailer and it gives me peace of mind. It’s very sturdy and I like that it’s adjustable. I highly recommend this.” - Peter M.

Anti-theft Adjustable Wheel Lock Clamp

Why Buy Our Anti-theft Adjustable Wheel Lock Clamp?

✅  ANTI-THEFT LOCK: This Wheel Lock Clamp is an anti-theft security that locks a vehicle’s wheel/tire to prevent it from being stolen and also keeps the vehicle secure. It features a disc / hub cap that covers lug nuts in the tire rim. It requires a key and a crank to unlock which greatly enhances the anti-theft performance. 

Anti-theft lock
✅  ADJUSTABLE: The opening of the Wheel Lock Clamp can be adjusted up to 15 inches, making it suitable for cars, campers, trucks, trailers, SUVs, and many more! 

✅  DURABLE: Weighing 13 pounds, this Wheel Lock Clamp is made of high-quality steel and aluminum alloy. It’s also equipped with a soft PVC coating arm to protect the wheel finish.


📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I install this?


How to install
Q: Is this compatible with any tire size? 

A: This Wheel Lock Clamp is compatible with almost all tire sizes as its opening can be adjusted up to 15 inches! Please refer to the image below for the dimensions to check if it fits your tire: 


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