Auto Body Repair Dolly Set

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Restore Damaged Vehicles To Their Original Condition!

These are heavy and awesome. The build quality is there. I fixed my wife’s dent in her hood with ease. So many different types of pieces to fix about anything you need. - Rennee L.

Why Buy Our Auto Body Repair Dolly Set?

✅ Versatile: This comprehensive dolly set ensures both versatility and professional-grade results. With various dolly shapes and sizes, including heel, toe, wedge, utility, double-end, spoon, and round body anvil, you can handle a wide range of auto body tasks—from dent repair to metal shaping and curve forming—with precision and finesse, achieving top-quality results every time.

The main function of Auto Body Repair Dolly Set is to assist in reshaping and repairing vehicle body panels.

Durable: With high-quality POM (polyoxymethylene) construction, this dolly set ensures lasting durability. Unlike cast iron alternatives, these dollies feature a smooth surface and even curves, minimizing defects transfer and streamlining repairs. Designed for convenience, the lightweight kit comes with a storage case for easy transportation without tool damage, emphasizing reliability and longevity in auto body repair work.

Here are two common techniques of using hammers and dollies:

  • Hammer On Dolly: A technique for straightening metal by tapping a dolly behind the affected area while gently hammering the metal. Care is needed to avoid overstretching the metal; if stretched too much, it should be shrunk back. This method lifts the hammered area while keeping the metal in place.
  • Hammer Off Dolly: A technique for removing most dents, ideal until final metal straightening. Here, the metal piece is held away from the dolly. As you hammer high spots, the dolly touches low spots, and vice versa. Maintain close contact between the dolly and hammer for optimal rebound action.

📦 Package Inclusions: 

  • 1 x Spoon Dolly
  • 1 x General Purpose Dolly
  • 1 x Double-ended Dolly
  • 1 x Round Body Anvil
  • 1 x Heel Dolly
  • 1 x Wedge Dolly
  • 1 x Toe Dolly
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • Hammer is NOT INCLUDED.