Auto Hauler Car Tie Down Straps

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Secure And Safe Vehicle Hauling!

"Fits great! It's easy to use, strong, durable, and gives you that security other straps won't. Especially great for those with a hauling business like me." -Jimmy D.

Why Buy Our Auto Hauler Car Tie Down Straps?

✅EASY TO USE: The three-point anchor system secures tires for transport and is designed to fit tires of any width. The edges are treated with an ultra-durable hard plastic coating for maximum durability and extra-long service life. 

✅SAFE: The straps have a safe working load of 3,300 lbs. A safe working load is stamped on the warning tag of each tie-down strap for easy inspection.

✅SECURE: Each strap includes three hooks, a ratchet tensioner, and three rubber tire cleats, and allows the vehicle to ride on its own suspension, eliminating shock transfer. The idler hooks fit into standard auto hauler ''pooch holes'' or ''star holes'', and the strap surrounds the wheel and tension away from the vehicle. 

❗️Additional Information❗️

  • Designed to fit tires of any width.
  • Perfect for tight clearance applications.
  • Fits standard auto hauler ''pooch holes'' or ''star holes''.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE TIE DOWNS for Professional truck, auto hauler, flatbed, and trailer operators.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How big around is the hook?

A: Hook Diameter is 0.5850” or 14.6 MM or slightly over 9/16” of an inch. It will fit in holes 5/8” or larger.

Q: Can I hook the ratchet hooks to e-track o rings safely?

A: This product is designed for use with any standard metal auto hauler deck with “pooch holes” or “star holes”. If your deck does not have “pooch holes” or “star holes”, this product will not work.


  • Package Dimensions‎: 15 x 10 x 6.9 inches
  • Item Weight‎: 27.2 pounds
  • Hook Diameter: 0.5850”
  • Strap Length: 120 Inch


  • 1x 4pack Auto Hauler Car Tie Down Straps