Auto-Stop Tow Behind Spreader

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Big Seed & Fertilizer Coverage!

I’ve used it twice on a 5000 sq ft lawn area and it works perfectly! When you stop, the flow of material automatically stops! - Paul Johnson

Why Buy Our Auto-Stop Tow Behind Spreader?

✅SPREADER: Avoid having to manually spread fertilizer & seeds with our Auto-Stop Tow Behind Spreader! Unlike normal spreaders where they can fumble & clog up, this has an auto-stop feature that makes using it effortless! Spread fertilizer, seeds or other products with this convenient & powerful tool!

✅ADJUSTABLE: This has 11 incremental gate adjustments that makes it incredibly easy for you to dial in the exact spread of your seed, fertilizer or product! You can customize it for optimal results, which ensures every inch of your acreage gets the perfect treatment & no missed coverage.

✅DESIGN: This hooks up to an ATV, UTV or Tractor alongside being heavy-duty enough to handle 150 lbs of load. The bearings are oil-impregnated to minimize friction on the axle and gearbox making it perform better for longer & the hopper is easy to load product onto & it doesn’t waste a grain of seed or fertilizer!

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used for lime powders?

A: No, this is not recommended for use with rock salt products, sand or sand mixes, pelletized lime, lime or lime powders.

Q: Will it spread ice melt?

A: As long as the pellets are small then yes.