Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

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Effortless Roll Retraction

“Boy was I surprised. We've had it for about 5 months now and it's never jammed. We've tried both the select-a-size paper towels and the standard size and they all work great. Even the large rolls fit inside and they work with no problem. I usually don't give five stars on anything but this one definitely deserves it! We got it so our cats wouldn't shred the paper towels and it worked like a charm.” - George

Why get our Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser?

Convenient: No more hassle paper towel getting because the Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser can give you either a full sheet or half a sheet of paper towel without having direct contact with the sheet. To get more, just leave your hand near the sensor to receive extra sheets. The undercabinet model operates exclusively with an AC adaptor. Ensure you mount the dispenser close to an electrical outlet.

✅Easy to use: To set up the dispenser, open it and insert your roll, leaving one sheet outside. Follow the setup instructions provided. When replacing a roll, open the dispenser, remove the empty roll, and insert the new one. Make sure the dispenser is adjusted to dispense either one full sheet or half a sheet each time you replace the roll.

Compatible: Use with your favorite paper towels; this smart dispenser works with most brands and sizes



Q: Does the blue light stay on constantly or can you turn it off?

A: It’s turned on when it’s retracting a paper towel.

Q: How do you select the size of sheet?

A: Once it retracts, pull out one sheet to set it. Let it retract again. The next dispense will match the number you pulled out. It will keep this setting until you replace the roll.

⚙️ Specifications:

  • Color: Black

  • Item Weight : 4.49 pounds

  • Product dimensions:  ‎14.1"L x 10"W

  • Mounting type: Outside Mount, Under Cabinet

  • Package Inclusion: 1 x Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser