Automotive Battery Terminal Connectors

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 Seamless car-to-battery connection

A game changer for cars that are not driven that often. Installation was easy, just two bolts with the included allen key. Quality is very good. A big step up from the stock connectors on my truck.”  - Christian H.

Why buy our Automotive Battery Terminal Connectors?

Quality: It’s already a hassle if your vehicle’s battery does not start immediately or stops abruptly in your travels. With the Automotive Battery Terminal Connectors it will ensure excellent electrical conductivity, minimizing voltage distortion and transmission loss. This product is durable because it's made from premium corrosion-resistant brass and steel.

Versatile: The automotive battery connector is not only applicable for one vehicle but for a wide range such as cars, vans, caravan, yachts, trucks, pickups, buses, etc. Works on round post auto batteries SAE/JIS Type A posts. Just make sure to connect the correct terminal to correct polarity.

Easy to use: This connector has four ports for multiple cable connections. With this wiring, modifications are made easy and convenient. Featuring a hex wrench, this tool facilitates easier and more convenient installation, simplifying the process for you. The battery terminal connectors are clearly marked for easy identification of positive and negative terminals, ensuring easy recognition.

📋Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you fit jumper cables on these?

A: Yes, they are all metal brass and steel, jumper cables open up, and are large enough

Q: Does this work for Honda Odyssey 2004 Battery?

A: These will work for ANY top post mounted batteries!