Automotive Soldering Pliers

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Quick And Efficient Wire Repairs!

These are super handy to hold wires for soldering! Well-made, special purpose tool that is helpful when solder-splicing wires. It has a spring metal piece on each side that will hold wire with a wide range of outside diameters up to about 3/16". With this, the items you are soldering will hold still, and you won't get burned holding them. - Chris G.

Why Buy Our Automotive Soldering Pliers?

✅ Convenient: Our innovative Automotive Soldering Pliers let you solder cables with one hand free. Expertly designed to securely hold two wires during soldering, its dual-sided lower jaw simplifies cable positioning.

✅ Durable Design: Crafted from stainless steel, our durable pliers resist rust and corrosion for long-lasting automotive repairs. With a smooth, burs-free clamping mouth, it protects wires from damage. Their adjustable opening size, ranging from 0.7 to 2.1 inches, easily meets diverse needs.

Simply press the trigger to modify the opening and release it to lock the desired position securely. With an anti-skid design, the pliers offer a comfortable grip for easy handling and wire release, enabling effortless single-handed operation in any situation.

✅ Wide Applications: These pliers are essential tools for mechanics, ideal for loosening clamps, removing factory spring hoses, and accessing radiator hoses and clamps in tight spaces with ease. Particularly beneficial for intricate wiring systems, it saves valuable time and effort.

Transform your car repairs today with our Automotive Soldering Pliers. Elevate your soldering game and tackle any automotive wiring challenge with confidence!