Automotive Under Hoist Stand

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Support Your Car Lift!

"Gives you an additional point of support. Does what it needs to do, heavy duty & reliable.” - Cody Harvey

Why Buy Our Automotive Under Hoist Stand?

✅UNDER HOIST: Our stand is the companion for those tricky mechanic situations. Whether you're working on exhaust systems, suspensions, or any vehicle components alone, our stand ensures that you have the support you need, exactly where you need it. As you can simply turn & extend or shorten it with one hand or get another inch by pumping the pedal. It even has an auto lock system making it easy to operate with one person.

✅DESIGN: With a remarkable lifting capacity of up to 1,500, this stand is built to provide the stability and rigidity you need for your auto work. Conforming to ASME/PASE 2014 standards, this stand ensures your safety while the 12" wide base offers exceptional stability without occupying too much valuable space. Upgrade your garage with this reliable tool, offering a minimum height of 53.5" and a maximum height of 80", backed by the robustness of alloy steel.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is its maximum height?

A: It is 80” in its full extension.

Q: How much height does the pedal give?

A: It gives an additional 1.25” in height under 400 lbs of load.