Ball Gouge Angle Grinder Attachment

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The Ultimate Power Carving Attachment!

I have worked on three bowls with this unit and it does a great job overall. Easy to control. Path and how aggressive it can cut. Light passing will smooth and finely shave surface. The cutter head can be adjusted when it becomes dull and for me cutting maple seems that it has dulled rather quickly. This is a nice addition for shaping and smaller piece work. - Jeff G.

Why Buy Our Ball Gouge Angle Grinder Attachment?

Unleash your creativity with our Ball Gouge Angle Grinder Attachment – the ultimate power carving attachment for angle grinders!

⚑ Effortless Power Carving: Transform your woodworking projects with ease! This Ball Gouge effortlessly removes material, allowing you to sculpt, shape, and texture wood like never before.

🎨 Versatile Design: Whether you're hollowing out bowls, crafting intricate details, or sculpting unique forms, the 30 mm diameter spherical shape of the Ball Gouge provides unparalleled versatility for your creative endeavors. With Anti-Grab Technology, this tool ensures optimal durability and smooth carving without digging.

πŸ”§ Simple Attachment: Easily attach the Ball Gouge to your angle grinder and watch as it unlocks a new level of woodworking potential. Compatible with most standard 4-4.5" angle grinders with a 5/8" spindle, and capable of handling speeds up to 12,000 RPM, it's ready to use straight out of the box.

πŸ“‹ Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need an adapter for the angle grinder for the gouge?
The Ball Gouge will fit on any 4-4.5" angle grinder with a 5/8" spindle. The tool threads directly onto the spindle.

Q: Is it possible to run it in a drill press?
Not recommended. As it is a ball, there's a point at the bottom that doesn't cut. You need to keep moving it around to keep the cutting edge working.

    Transform your woodworking experience and bring your visions to life with the Ball Gouge Angle Grinder Attachment. Elevate your craft and unleash your imagination today!

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