Bathtub Drain Remover

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Easily Remove Stuck Drains

"I have a clogged drain that is difficult to remove because it has been there for years, but this tool makes it simple and hassle-free for me to do so! ” - Eve P.

Why Buy Our Bathtub Drain Remover?

DURABLE: The tool has a heavy-duty aluminum die-cast design and lightweight to use. You need to use an adjustable wrench or screwdriver.

✅EFFICIENT: Most tub and shower drains as well as closet spuds can be installed and removed using this tool.

COMPATIBILITY: The large end (½”) is suitable for large drains, flush valves, or kitchen sink baskets while the smaller end (⅜”) is used for some toilet drains, bar strainers, and bathtub drains.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the compatible wrench for this?

A: Use any large adjustable wrench.

Q: Does this fit in a kitchen sink?

A: The majority of kitchen sinks probably don't have big enough holes.