Battery Terminal and Wiper Arm Puller

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Dual Purpose Tool!

Well-made! I used it on my 20 year old car since the wiper arms are quite stuck on it I‘m having a hard time pulling it off. It did an excellent job. I was able to remove both arms in under 2 minutes with no trouble.” - Marcus R.

How Convenient Is This?

✅ Dual Purpose: It can remove and tighten the knurled cone, forcing the jaws beneath the cable clamp. Also removes the windshield wiper arms that are screwed on and fit over a tapered spline.

 Durable: It’s made of carbon steel and has a jaw opening of 1/16  inches - 1 - 1/16 inches (6-28mm); Outer diameter: 1- ⅞ inches (48mm)

✅ Convenient: It removes battery cable clamps and tiny generator bearings without affecting the terminal posts and it's easy and safe to remove you're stuck wiper arm.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What type of cars is this compatible with?

A: It’s compatible with all brands and types of cars.

Q: How do I use this to remove the wiper arm?

  1. Simply slip the tool's adjustable arms behind the wiper arm and secure them with the large threaded adjustment nut.
  2. Spin the T-handle on the threaded shaft clockwise to start the removal process. This process will detach the wiper arm from its mounting shaft.

Q: How do I use this to remove the battery terminal?

  1. Loosen the nut on the terminal you want to remove
  2. Place the hooks in the terminal
  3. Then, rotate the thumbscrew clockwise to bring the hooks together and grip the terminal.
  4. Next, rotate the center screw to push down on the battery post and lift the terminal.