Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Play sounds comfortably from your phones without the hassle of wires in your car!

Why do we need a Bluetooth FM Transmitter? What is it for?

Whenever we want to play sounds in our car it is either we need a wire to connect to the stereo system or we need to dock our phone somewhere just to connect it with the audio system.

That may not be a problem for some of us. But for those of us who do not have time and patience to set things up, it is really a hassle.
So if you got a BLUETOOTH FM TRANSMITTER you would not have to worry about placing your phone in a certain place or using obstructing wires inside your car.

Bluetooth FM Transmitter enables you to play anytime easily and have a good, fun time while driving.

Why buy our Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

Aside from making life easier for you, our BLUETOOTH FM TRANSMITTER has an adjustable view for your further convenience.

You can also see all the information you need in the small yet legible and functional screen.
It also enables you a hands-free experience while driving.

Meaning you can receive calls, and play music continuously without touching your phone. It means unlimited music listening for you and your buddies whenever you are on a road trip!
You want more reasons to buy this transmitter? Well, then you got it.
It can charge your phone through its dual USB charging ports.

And at the same time, it protects your devices from over-voltage, overload, short-circuits, overheat, overcharges and over current. Anything over and beyond normal, your devices are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is it fixed straight forward view or is it adjustable?
Answer: The device is designed with an adjustable swivel hose that allows users to change their viewing angle.

Question: What is the size of the screen? Is it monochrome or colored?
Answer: The FM transmitter is built with a 1.8” COLORED TFT SCREEN for crystal clear display. Users can view the details of FM frequency, caller id, the title of the music, and other device information.

Question: How does it connect to the vehicle’s audio system?
Answer: The product is equipped with a technology that allows the user to connect to the vehicle’s audio system through FM radio frequencies. To connect the device to your car audio system, tune the vehicle’s radio to a blank frequency and do the same with the FM transmitter.

Question: How do I connect my mobile phone or tablet to the FM transmitter for playing music and to use as hands-free?
Answer: This device is equipped with Bluetooth® chip, it allows you to connect your devices wirelessly for making and receiving hands-free calls. And while using GPS® on your device, the FM transmitter will stop the music player and broadcast the audio from the navigation application without looking to your device for safer driving.

Question: How can I play music? Can I use my iPod or other music players?
Answer: The FM transmitter is built with a music player, there in four (4) different ways to connect and play music. It can play music directly from a USB flash drive, TF card (micro SD card), Bluetooth®, and through auxiliary (AUX) cable.

Question: How many devices I can charge at the same time and is it safe for my devices?
Answer: The device is built with two (2) USB ports for simultaneous charging of your devices, and it is equipped with six (6) High-tech protection for your device while charging, over-voltage, over-load, short-circuit, over-heat, over-charge, over-current protection, no need to worry about the safety of your devices.

Question: Can I connect more than one device via Bluetooth®?
Answer: No. The FM transmitter is only capable of connecting to a single device to eliminate the signal interference between two (2) Bluetooth devices. 

Package Includes:
*1 bluetooth transmitter

Drive, listen and call hassle-free all the same time using the Bluetooth FM Transmitter.
Get rid of the manual set-up and hassle with this so get one for your car now and enjoy the carefree driving!