1” Boat Drain Tube Flaring Tool

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Easily & Securely Install A Drain Tube To Your Boats!

“Just drill a 1” hole, test fit drain tube, and cut it to size using the lip of the swage as a guide. Slather the drain tube and opening with 3M 5200 and use an 18mm wrench and large ratchet to flare it in. This tool works perfectly. 100% satisfied!” - Stefano Brown

Why Buy Our 1” Boat Drain Tube Flaring Tool?

EASY OPERATION: This tool can create flanges for installing 1" drains in transoms, livewells, or baitwells, making it easy to press in new brass or aluminum drain tubes for a proper fit with no leakage. It lets you flare a 1” OD brass or aluminum tube using two wrenches to tighten the nuts on each end.

DURABLE: It is made of sturdy stainless/zinc-plated steel that can withstand the corrosive elements of a marine environment. Excellent for properly flaring your drain tubes for easy installation and restoration.


  • Once you measured the size you need to install your drain tube flush on your boat, scribe a 2nd line of 3/16” out from the transom line you first scribe for flaring. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does my drain tube need to be for it to be flared correctly?

A: It needs to be 3/16” longer than the original measurement you took on your drain tube to make it flush on your boat for flaring. 

Q: Do I need to use 2 wrenches on each end of the tube?

A: Yes