Brass Jet Nozzle with Shut-off Valve

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Say Goodbye To Weak Sprays!

I basically like the nozzle as it shoots the water a good distance. I used them to wash the trim on my roof after the storm and they do create a good amount of pressure, I was able to successfully remove the leaves stuck in the trim. I also use them when washing the patio. The water stream can spray to long distance which is nice if you want to water a plant far away from you. - Kim B.

Why Buy Our Brass Jet Nozzle with Shut-off Valve?

🌊 Powerful Performance: Say goodbye to weak sprays! Our high-pressure jet nozzles deliver maximum cleaning power, effortlessly tackling dirt, grime, and debris.

🔧 Convenient Control: Tired of constantly running back to the faucet? Our hose shutoff valve puts control at your fingertips, from delicate watering to heavy-duty cleaning, we've got you covered. With a brass handle for easy flow control and a 3/4" GHT thread, it effortlessly connects to standard garden hoses.

💪 Built to Last: This hose jet nozzle, made of solid brass, is heavy-duty, rust-proof, and leak-free, with no plastic or rubber parts to crack. It's built to last for years, ideal for garden watering, car washing, driveway cleaning, dog washing, floor washing, and more.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this jet nozzles powerful enough to wash a dirty car on a normal garden hose?
A: Yes, but it's important to note that this hose nozzle shouldn't be mistaken for a pressure washer. While it offers strong performance, the stream isn't as forceful as that of a pressure washer.

Q: Does it have enough power to wash moss off of sidewalk?
A: If you have decent water pressure it will definitely do the job...I use it at work everyday to wash off construction equipment...