Buffer Adapter

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Hassle-Free and Time Saver Polishing Accessory

“This adapter made it easy to attach the pads to the polisher. It fits perfectly and allows you to use double-sided wool polishing products.” - Steve F.

Why Buy Our Buffer Adapter?

EFFICIENT: This tool is designed to save time and effort in collision repair jobs that require double-sided screw-on compounding and polishing pads. It is part of a quick, effective where you can easily attach a backup pad and wool polishing pads, allowing users to easily attach them without removing the adaptor. 

CONVENIENT:  This tool reduces wear and vibration and works with all polishers. It is part of a complete assembly for compounding and polishing.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long are the threads

A: It has ½  -  ⅝ threads.

Q: Can I use this adapter on a 4.5-inch grinder?

A: The thread of the adapter is  5/8-11 INT. You must check the thread diameters of your tool.